3 Ways To Forget About Your Tooth Pain While Waiting On Your Dental Appointment

Addressing tooth pain

Okay, you have a serious tooth ache and are at a loss. Maybe you used some over-the-counter pain relief, got an appointment with your dentist and applied tons of creative toothache remedies you read about online. Now you have some time to spare before you lay back on the dentist chair.

Forgetting about tooth pain

I recommend thinking about something … anything but your tooth pain in order to forget about it. Sure, you’ll still feel the pain. Consider thinking about something so complex, your mind will be focused on problem solving and less on the pain.

List of psychological tooth remedies

Here’s a list of the top three things to think about when you have a tooth pain:

  1. Think about our world and where it ends. If I keep traveling with a speed of gazillion miles a second where I will end up in a year, or in hundred years, or in gazillion years? What is the end of the Universe anyway? Is it a wall or a cliff or maybe something else? Sure this sounds a bit morbid, but come on. This is a little more important than a pesky tooth ache right?
  1. Think about Big Bang theory. Okay, we may have already accepted that life started with a Big Bang. But what was before the bang? What happened 10 years before the Bang, or maybe even 100,000,000 years before the Bang. Was the world 3 dimensional or planar or 5 dimensional or what is the fifth dimension anyways.
  1. Think about the smallest particle possible and debate whether or not the material particles are infinite. The theory is that material particles are endless. Because no matter how small the particle is, you can cut it in half to infinite. So, where is the end?

As a result, not only will you forget about the tooth pain that you were suffering from, but you might as well go vector compound. Please take my advice with a grain of salt and enjoy. Tooth pain still got you? At least you were able to forget about it while reading this article 🙂 But seriously, if you are missing a tooth, find a dentist right away and get an appointment as soon as possible, dental problems should be addressed immediately.

Manny Kurbonali

  • Cengiz

    Lol ? I like the pics:))

    • Manny Kurbonali

      All original 🙂

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