A dentist’s perspective on second opinions

Second opinions can raise many questions –

       “Why can’t I just go with what my dentist tells me?”

       “Why should I take out time to get second opinions?”

       “How valuable are they?”

Most often than not, intuition doesn’t automatically tell us about a better deal until we seek it out. For example, the dental implants cost at one clinic may be $5,000, while at another it may be $3,000.

This is why our team over at Zentist decided we need to answer those questions for you in detail. We also wanted to understand how dentists themselves view second opinions, and get some more insights as to how they are valuable for patients. Thus, we made our way over to one of our trusted dentists, Dr. Mohamed Ali, in San Francisco to chat with him about second opinions.

Dr. Ali’s perspective on second opinions essentially entails that they are differing opinions and treatment plans serve as additional pieces of knowledge that patients can use to compare, contrast, and make the best choice for their procedure.

“I love second opinions because when a patient has a second opinion it would work in two ways.  One way by reinforcing what treatment was proposed to the patient; and another one by setting yourself apart from whatever second opinion you are getting” said Dr. Ali.

We couldn’t agree more with Dr. Ali.

Furthermore, he mentions that second opinions aren’t as important for pricing, as they are for the actual treatments, because every dentist can give different plans. Dr. Ali explains with an example of how second opinions would potentially work for patients – “if the patient is educated, then he knows the treatment I’m proposing verse the treatment they are getting from another.  It might be a little different.  But they will know that I’m bringing the best to them.”

This example can be applied to any scenario with second opinions, and with a number of doctors. Based on different treatment plans, pricing follows. But what’s most important is understanding the best treatment plan for you, and if you choose the right one, the right price will follow. Whether it’s with dental implants cost, gum disease, or root canals – the materials, the amount of visits, and steps in the procedure will all dictate the price as well as the quality and assurance of the treatment.

Lastly, second opinions aren’t as time consuming as you may expect. At Zentist, we just work with your CT scan and our trusted dentists to find you price quotes and treatment plans in as little as two days.

We hope these insights provide the clarity and assurance needed for you to have a second opinion on second opinions (pun intended).?  

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