Boomer Perspective: Do Healthy Teeth Make a Person Happier

Your cheeks and lips may be moving, but guess what, it is your teeth that are talking. Individuals with white smiles and straight teeth appear more successful, more intelligent and happier in their careers than those with stained and crooked teeth, according to a study by Beall Research and Training. Additionally, a smile can also function like a jazzed-up anti-aging cream. In a Roper survey based on before and after photos, 41% of Americans said adjusting a set of crooked teeth deducted whole five years from a person’s overall look.

A smile is a contour that sets everything straight—and behind every bright and beautiful smile is a set of perfectly healthy teeth.

The quality of the teeth influences your over-all appearance. Different studies have proven that those simple pearly white teeth can either boost or lower self-esteem drastically, while impacting the perception of people around you.

Just by looking at the teeth, people can make opinions about how health-conscious or attractive you are. Sometimes this even reaches to how successful you can be in your career as well. With the look of your teeth stirring perception of the self and others, people pursue those perfect teeth even more.

A study conducted by University of Manchester’s School of Dentistry shows that a full set of white teeth improves quality of life because it increases self-esteem. The researchers explored the emotional effects of dental implants among patients who had partial teeth loss. They asked participants to complete an Oral Health Impact Profile, which assesses the individual’s perception about their oral health quality of life.

Before the treatment, the mean average was at 241 out of 343, beckoning poor QOL. After the treatment, on the other hand, OHP rose to 342, showing increase in confidence, self-esteem and overall happiness.

The main reason why yellow or unhealthy teeth is unwanted goes beyond simple appearance. Participants formed perceptions that yellow teeth are unhealthy, and therefore not a good potential partner. In a study conducted by Kelton Research, they found that people associate financial success with those who have straight teeth. They are also more likely to secure a job than those that have crooked teeth, even if both candidates have similar experience and skills.

Sam Vakko DDS

For Zentist

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