3 tips to keep your kids off soda

We all know (at least) some reasons why soda is not good for our kids. It makes kids overweight, destroys their teeth, can lead to heart disease, and so much more. Dental implants cost are on the rise, and makes soda in the long run much more costly. But, it’s also difficult for kids to say no to the sweet drink by themselves. This is where we play a role to help keep our kids off soda. It’s much easier than you think with these next few steps we’ve laid out:

  1. Keep soda out of the home, in your fridge, or in your garage. If you keep soda in the home, it’s inevitable for the kids to be drinking it as well. It also creates the assumption for kids that soda is an essential beverage. It creates easy access, and can also be understood as us as parents handing them soda ourselves, which we know we don’t want. Rather, we want to make soda basically inaccessible to them. Next time you’re out doing groceries, keep the soda out of your cart.
  2. Don’t drink soda in front of your kids. They say if we want our kids to behave, we must behave ourselves. We are our children’s most powerful role models, and if they watch us drink soda, they will drink soda as well. Not to mention that if soda is unhealthy for our children, it’s also unhealthy for us :).
  3. Cut out the fast food.  Fast food is unhealthy is general, and it comes with a silent rule that fast food is consumed with soda. Even if we try to keep the soda out when having fast food, the high sodium levels makes one thirsty for soda. And if we get kids soda, they will definitely take advantage of free refills.

If you let soda become a part of kids’ childhood, it will follow them the rest of their life. If your child already has problem with their teeth, don’t ignore it, and google dental care near me to find quality dental care near you.


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