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A large bulk of the U.S. population is neglected dental care because they can’t afford it – be it root canals, dental implants cost, or the cost of simple teeth cleaning. And what happens when they aren’t able get their teeth cleaned, fixed, or replaced? Their confidence begins diminishing and, in turn, many have low self esteem and end up struggling with depression.

We’ve been working with the homeless community in San Francisco to understand challenges they may have with every day amenities we all take for granted. We spoke with many of the members of the homeless community and most of them had mentioned one thing or another about feeling neglected and how it significantly impacted their confidence and lives even as they were homeless. It was heart aching to hear their stories, and that’s why we’ve decided that we want to give them the love and care they deserve and help restore their confidence.

For a full month, Zentist will be partnering up with barbers, dentists, and local organizations to provide free dental care, haircuts, and showers to those in need of a boost in confidence. We hope this act of giving back goes a long way and can inspire others to show the love and care to those who feel neglected.

Keep checking back for weekly updates on our journey of giving back!

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