The Different Types Of Dental Implant Procedures

Dental implants refer to a variety of tooth restoration procedures; however, that’s not to say that the dental implant procedure is hard to define. Though procedures can vary, they all follow the same method of installing titanium posts into the jawbone and then placing the restorative tooth over. The dental implants cost may differ for the different kinds of procedures, but given that the procedure will fit your needs, the cost is worth it. The reason why there are different types of dental implant procedures is simple – no one mouth is the same; and what will work for one person may not work for another. Based on each situation, a dentist may have to tweak up the procedure to fit your needs and have a successful surgery.

Dental implant procedures

Single tooth implant

This refers to the basic dental implant procedure to replace one tooth. It uses one implants, abutment, and crown.

Temporary bridgework

This procedure uses very small micro implants and bridges placed on top while the permanent implants are healing. Once the permanent implants are healed, the micro-implants and bridges are removed to finish the procedure with the permanent implants. Temporary bridge work helps to ensure that the patient has perfect smile and a functioning mouth.



Multiple tooth implants

This refers to the use of multiple standard implants for those individuals that are missing multiple teeth. This procedure can vary widely depending on how many missing teeth a patient has. All on 4, all on 6, and implant supported dentures are all forms of multiple tooth restoration. When replacing multiple teeth, less implants are typically used to support many teeth. For example, to replace the entire top row of a patient’s teeth, 4 or 6 implants may be enough to support them all. Similarly, three missing teeth can be supported by two implants. The dental implants cost is typically higher when it comes to replacing multiple teeth, but is definitely the most beneficial and valuable option.

Fixed and/or removable bridges

Similar to implant supported dentures, this process refers to the use of implants used to support bridgework. The bridges are detachable from the implants, and unlike bridges without the use of implants, bridges supported by implants won’t cause bone loss and weak teeth. Though the dental implants cost for this process would be less than the permanent dental implants procedure, it’s not significant.

Anchorage (orthodontics)

This refers to the use of implants (standard or micro) in orthodontics to help tooth movement to achieve the results of braces quicker than usual. Because implants are – literally – meshed into the jaw bone, they create a strong and stable anchor to allow teeth to shift faster and more smoothly.

Based on the condition of your mouth, standard, permanent dental implants may not be the best option for you, and that’s okay because there are other options available as well. Whether the dental implants cost increases or decreases based on what your dentist sees fit for you, remember that a costly procedure today will prevent you from spending more in the future (as well as preventing complications and tooth pains).

Cheers to dental implants!

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