What to expect for dental implants cost and payment options

Dental Implants Cost

You’re not the only one to wonder about the dental implants cost. Matter of fact, the first thought to come to mind when majority of individuals think of needing a dental implant is the cost. But here’s the thing – there is never one hard-set cost for dental implants. No two mouths, teeth, or situations are the same, and effectively no two dental implants cost will be the same either. That’s not to say that all dental implants are expensive though – or at least they shouldn’t be. The typical range that most dentists quote is around $4,000+ per implant, whereas dentists that have partnered with Zentist estimate the cost around $2,000 per implant.

The best way to get the most accurate dental implants cost is through the use of a CT scan (to help dentists see all the necessary details of your mouth) and by consulting with a few doctors. Consulting can be very tedious work and take a long time, so a quicker solution to that is using Zentist’s platform to simply upload your CT scan or book a one through them, and then wait a few short days to obtain three second opinions with estimated price quotes from three trusted dentists – all without having to take time out of your day to visit a dentist in office. This approach is not only really simple and stress-free, it’s also the best way to save more money and avoid being overcharged, while ensuring top quality dental care.

Affordable dental implants payment options

There’s of course the option of paying upfront cash for your procedure, or potentially in-house financing (with hefty down payment) with your dentist, or hoping that insurance covers part of the dental implants cost, but these three options all require a great amount of cash on hand.

Covering the dental implants cost is most often challenging than not, and that’s why Zentist has partnered with Parasail to offer simple and easy payment plans for their patients. Without impacting your credit score, a simple application can pre-approve you and offer you a multitude of repayment options to ensure it works within your budget. This approach avoids requiring upfront costs, delaying the procedure, and steep payments. Staying stress free with a healthy smile could not get easier.

It’s important to not let the dental implants cost hold you back from restoring your smile and having a healthier mouth. A healthier and happier smile can be closer than you think, and Zentist can help make that happen by saving more and ensuring quality care.


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