Why are dental implants so expensive?

Is the dental implants cost really expensive?

No, it’s not.

Dental implants cost are high, but dental implants are not expensive. How does that make sense? Well, when considering the return for the investment that you’ll get from securing a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile,  the cost is justified. It’s important to understand that a dental implant not a simple piece of equipment. The materials and tools that are able to restore teeth are of incredible quality and cost a lot to make. First, a piece of pure titanium is precisely shaped into a screw form for the implant to be fixed into the jaw bone. Titanium may not be an expensive material, but the process of refining and crafting it is. It doesn’t just end with titanium though.

All dental implants require a uniquely designed crown to be placed on top of the titanium screw. And because everyone has different teeth, no two dental crowns can be the same (which means that dentists cannot mass produce the crowns). Each crown has to be specifically designed for each patient after the dentist evaluates their mouth and what kind of shape they require. And yes, the material used to make the crowns is not very expensive either, but the process of molding the crown to create a 3D model and then casting the crown is. So yes, the materials and tools used in the whole process do raise the dental implants cost, but without the specific materials and the tools, the longevity, effectiveness, and quality of the implant are all affected.

Another factor to consider is the team involved in the process of restoring your smile. Dental implants cost also includes the cost associated with your dentist’s skill and expertise in creating the implant and crown as well as securing it into your jawbone. Both the procedure of fixing the screw and placing the crown over the screw are very complicated and require a immense amount of precision and detail – a skill dentists have worked very hard and long hours to acquire. Lastly, they have to ensure the implant allows full and normal functionality of your mouth with routine check ups and working out any complications (if there are any).

Given all these factors, dental implants aren’t actually expensive; they are simply high cost for very valid and valuable reasons (as discussed above). However, this isn’t to say that there aren’t affordable options – rather true costs – for dental implants. Majority of dentists do overcharge for such high cost procedures to maximize their profits, but there are those gems that simply stick to true costs and minimal profit. Zentist can help you find the right dental implants cost with 3 second opinions from trusted dentists, ensuring you won’t be overcharged.

So, do you think they’re worth it now?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on dental implants costs; comment below!

  • Cost of implants depend upon the choice of veneer and condition of your jawbone.

    • How it depends upon the choice of veneer?

    • Manny Kurbonali

      choice of veneer?

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