The Dental Travel Checklist: 7 Things that Dental Travelers Need To Know


The process of Dental Travel can seem overwhelming at times, especially for people who have not previously traveled abroad for care. Avicennas believes that the process of finding high quality and affordable care abroad shouldn’t be a struggle. To help you prepare, we’ve put together a list of 7 things that Dental Travelers should consider:

  1. Contact your local doctor. Although you’re considering a dental procedure abroad, your local doctor’s input is critical before and after your procedure. Your local doctor can administer preoperative exams, which are necessary to provide accurate medical information to your selected clinic, and provide aftercare, which is essential if you face complications after your procedure.
  2. Extensively research doctors and clinics. Avicennas makes this easy for you. We provide an overview of each clinic and doctor and highlight their accomplishments. We also clearly indicate the accreditations that clinics and doctors have achieved on their respective profiles. Read more about accreditations>>
  3. Investigate your options for extended care. When researching, ask whether your clinic will provide extended care in the case of complications. Ask about the clinic’s guarantee policies for dental work or implant procedures.
  4. Ask about medication you might need. Consider where you will get your medication. Some procedures require medication before, during, and after. Ask your clinic where you can obtain necessary medication.
  5. Read patient reviews. Patient reviews are a great way to get insight about what you can expect before you travel. Avicennas publishes patient reviews, but other review sites and forums can be useful too.
  6. Pack a passport and bring a companion. For travelers heading outside of the United States, it is important to remember that a passport will still be required. There are no waivers for dental travelers. In addition, especially for first-time travelers, a companion can help ease some of the jitters you may have about getting a dental procedure in a foreign country.
  7. Prepare for your recovery. Does your procedure have an extended recovery time? If so, are you comfortable with spending a number of days or weeks in a foreign destination? Ask your clinic about the typical timeline for recovery.

Have More Questions?

With the support of the Patient Experience Team at Avicennas, which offers help around the clock to connect you directly with clinics around the world, we make sure that you always get the answers you need. At Avicennas we only partner with clinics once we have established an effective line of communication. If any issues arise, the Patient Experience Team will reach out to the patient coordinators and the clinic/hospital to obtain direct answers for patients. If a patient experiences any trouble during his or her travels, the Patient Experience Team is always available by phone.

The Patient Experience Team at Avicennas can also be reached through our website at or by email at

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