The Sky Rocketing Costs of Dental Care

While everyone understands the value of healthcare, many glaze over the importance of dental care. Instead of a necessity, it is often viewed as a cosmetic benefit. With commercials of whitening and straightening teeth, people often lose sight of the fact that dental care is more than a want.

For thousands of individuals, it is a necessity, and lack of access to quality dental care at affordable prices hurts many, many people on a daily basis.

The dentistry industry not only understands the importance of dental care, but also has seized upon the fact that its procedures are viewed on a want only basis — this allows them to raise prices indeterminately. This model works well for the population that is seeking cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening and is willing to pay out of pocket. But, for the majority of individuals who need urgent care such as implants and extractions, this model takes a big hit on wallets.

Patients are increasingly finding themselves stuck in a pickle – while they need procedures done immediately to relieve severe pain and resume a normal lifestyle, they cannot afford the overwhelmingly high prices that dentists charge.

It’s not just dentists; this is an industry wide problem. The fact that dental work does not have the advantage of being housed in large hospital systems means that most dentists need to work as small businesses or individuals. This drives up the dentists’ own costs in terms of marketing and customer acquisition. Opening a clinic costs nearly a million dollars today, while 60%-80% of costs go into simply keeping the clinic operational. Couple this with the fact that 30% of patients cancel their appointments last minute – dentists end up having no choice but to raise prices by extreme standards. While this model seems logical for dentists in order to stay in business, this ends up lacking access to thousands of patients who desperately need dental care.

We suggest taking the time to research and find which dentists can provide affordable treatment plans, or let us do it for you!

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