Trumpcare Vs. Zentistcare In Dentistry

On June 26, we learned that Senate Health Care Plan would replace Obamacare and though many people have speculated what this means, it’s our job to give you a little insight on what to expect on not only your overall dental coverage with Trumpcare but what this means for your dental care.

According to USA TODAY ith Trump’s health coverage, we can expect to take on a new load of stressors including the added difficulty to get mental health and substance abuse benefits, maternity care and yes, even pediatric dental care all while paying a higher deductible but I digress. Luckily, Zentist makes dental care affordable for everyone with flexible and custom treatment plan offerings from the top dentists in your area at no cost to you. Because affording coverage for your procedure shouldn’t only be affordable for the top 1%.

Affordable Dental Treatments

Now you can finally get a completely transparent estimate on your next dental procedure that doesn’t care how much you make or what kind of health insurance you have. An affordable, easy to understand dental estimate delivered to you for free. We make sure that the treatment plans we deliver to patients are fair and competitive before you see it.

Free CT Scans

Getting dental care is a process. Under the law, all patients are required to have a CT scan completed before treatment is assigned. Best of all, we will get all of this done for you at no cost. All you need to do is pop into one of our offices, get your CT scan, we’ll send it over to a top dental professional in your area and presto – a plan that’s detailed with all of the line items, no inflated prices just to make sure you are getting the smile you always wanted.

Dental Care On Your Terms

We’re not in the business of upselling or rushing the procedure. You will have time to get to know your dentist a little better before treatment, verify if it’s nearby, and set a time that works for you, because no one work schedule, let alone life schedule, is the same. We get it. Schedule when you please and get matched with a dentist that you can trust.

Specialized Dental Procedures

Not all dentists are going to be the same. If you need veneers, we aren’t going to even bother matching you with a dentist that specializes in only general dentist procedures. We wouldn’t want that for ourselves so we won’t subject you to that either for the sake of a quick book. You deserve the best in your industry.

As Trump prepares to take our current healthcare deductible from around $255 under Obamacare to $6,105 under the Senate bill, according to The Washington Post, we stay vigil in ensuring that everyone has a comprehensive, fair, and affordable treatment plan that’s made for you.

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