What is the dental implants cost?

Considering getting a dental implant for that missing tooth you have? Here’s some information you should know about the dental implants cost before booking a procedure.

According to the  New York Times, the dental implants cost ranges between $3,500-$4,500 per tooth. This cost includes the implant procedure, the abutment and the tooth like crown placed on top of the implant.

What Influences This Cost

The most widely known influencer of the dental implants cost is the geographical location. In comparison to the U.S., Mexico, Turkey, and other European countries offer dental implants for significantly lower prices. For those that live in the U.S., getting such procedures done in another country can be risky. Another few factors that play into the cost of implants is the dentist and the materials used for the implants. All dentists have varying standards that are influenced by their location, popularity, and genuineness; many dentists inflate the costs of implants while others offer prices closer to the actual cost. Materials also vary in price, which ultimately influence the dental implants cost. It’s important to do a good amount of research on materials to ensure your dentist is using durable, and long lasting material.


Dental insurances typically don’t cover implants because they are considered to be cosmetic procedures. However, insurance companies may cover a partial amount of it, or offer cheaper alternative procedures such as dentures that they would be able to cover more of. Specific circumstances, such as losing a tooth in an accident, can also oblige insurance companies to cover a partial amount, so it’s important to ask your dentist and insurance provider all the necessary questions related to dental implants cost.


Many dentists offer discounts plans if their patients decide to finance directly with them, or if they go through trusted partner companies such as Zentist. These discount could range from anywhere between 35-50% of the dental implants cost, while maintaining the quality of care and facilities.


An easier way to pay for dental implants even after receiving a discount is through financing with a company that allows you to space out your payments and charge avoid down payments to ease the financial burden. Parasail is a great resource to use to pay for you implants worry free.

Whether you have dental insurance or not and whatever your budget may be, there is an option – and Zentist can help you find it. 

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