What is Zentist?

What is Zentist? Who are we?

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Zentist is a dental care provider to help out-of-pocket paying patients find dentists near you and finance and dental procedures based on transparent pricing and quality information. We believe that dental care shouldn’t be avoided due to outrageously high costs – such as paying $5,000 for the dental implants cost. By creating a network of doctors that provide second opinions with price quotes, we allows patients to find the right care with the right price.

 How does Zentist work?

We work hard to provide our patients affordable quality dental care so we don’t charge them.

The way it works is that we provide our patients with a free CT scan, which we then send to our qualified dentists near the patient’s location to review and curate treatment plans with estimated costs. From that, we provide our patients with 3 second opinions that include the treatment plans costs. Our business model make sure patients save time, money, and the stress of finding a price that works within their budget. Additionally, we make sure patients know what to expect in terms of costs and treatment before making an appointment so there are no hidden fees.

We also make dentists’ lives easier. Most often dentists spend a hefty amount of time and money in marketing strategies that don’t translate into an increase in patient flow. And when patients do come in, too much time is spent convincing them on a treatment, which a key cause of the stress dentists experience.

We work to eliminate that stress by taking on the marketing for them on our platform which increases their patient flow as well as revenue, and sending them qualified patients who have the same price quotes and treatment plan the dentist themselves provided us with.

Both patients and dentists can save a hefty amount of time, money, and stress using Zentist’s platform, making it a win-win for all.

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