Why would I need dental implants?

Losing a tooth is a magical experience for children, but a nightmare for adults.

The tooth fairy experience is one that children look forward to – placing their tooth underneath their pillow and waking up to find a few quarters in place of their tooth. Once the children turn to adulthood though, losing a tooth becomes a nightmare – the dental implants cost is not at all magical. Children losing their primary teeth is a natural occurrence to grow secondary teeth, but losing teeth as an adult can be an indicator or the cause of weakened bones, teeth, and other complications related to teeth. In the case of an adult losing a tooth – regardless of the cause – the missing tooth must be replaced to prevent further complications. Replacing a tooth isn’t always expensive and the dental implants cost can be affordable, which we’ll discuss further below. 

What causes the need for dental implants?

As adults, we may think losing teeth is nearly impossible unless there is a tragic accident. While it’s likely to lose tooth or two in that case, it’s also quite common to lose teeth for reasons beyond a major accident. Below is a list of a few different reasons you could lose a tooth –

Poor oral care

Bacteria can begin to build up underneath your gums and potentially separate your tooth from your gums and thus causing your tooth to destabilize and fall out, or be required to be removed to prevent further complications.

Extensive decay

When a cavity isn’t treated, decay continues to grow on your tooth and ultimately damages it to the point where it can no longer function as it should and becomes a dead tooth. At this point it would need to be extracted to prevent bacteria forming around the tooth and causing an infection that can potentially extend into your gums.

Tooth Injury

Beyond out right losing a tooth in an accident, it’s also possible to injure your tooth. This can cause a crack which may not be fixable and would ultimately require the full tooth to be replaced to prevent the tooth splitting while eating.


Illnesses such as oral cancer can disrupt your tooth and bone structure which may cause a tooth to fall out. Similar to any case where a tooth is lost, it must be replaced with a dental implant to prevent further damage to the gums and surrounding teeth.

Without the proper actions taken to immediately restore your teeth, gums, surrounding teeth, and bone density may be at rapid loss. Additionally, the longer you wait, the more intense the damage will become which will not only make it more challenging to successfully restore, but also increase the cost of dental implants. Besides the risks associated with prolonging the dental implants procedure, getting tooth implants early on can significantly impact the comfort and functionality of your mouth. Without having a tooth, it’s more difficult to talk and chew all while experiencing pain as well.

Affordable Dental Implants

Before dental implants became the most widely used restorative procedure, dental bridges were the only option to restore a missing tooth. A dental bridge is essentially an artificial tooth that is molded with a dental crown on each side, which then slip over the two teeth on both sides of the gap to keep the artificial tooth in place. The cost of dental bridge is lower than the cost of dental implants; however, the long term cost of dental bridges can end up being much more than dental implants cost due to the fact that dental bridges don’t last very long so they must be replaced, as well as the fact that dental bridges cause the two teeth on both sides of the gap to weaken given that they are shaved down to allow the crowns to fit over them.

Fortunately, since the past two decades, dental implants have become the most widely used and most effective procedure for restoring missing teeth. Unlike dental bridges, the dental implants process utilizes a technique in which a titanium post is molded into the jawbone with a crown placed on top to ensure the jawbone doesn’t weaken, and that the restored tooth feels as natural as possible. Additionally, dental implant average cost is near $4,000 per tooth, whereas affordable dental implants options range around $2,000 per tooth, and are fairly easy to find using Zentist’s platform.

Preventative care is crucially important (be sure to stay on top of it while you can!), but certain circumstances, such as weakened bones due to aging, are completely out of our hands. And dental implants are the most effective option available while being fit for any age range. And lastly, whether you already have a missing tooth or you feel that it may need to be removed, there’s always an affordable dental implants option available.

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