Why you don’t need dental insurance

Most of us assume dental insurance to be a necessity similar to medical insurance, but what we don’t realize is that dental insurance and medical insurance don’t work the same way. Most dental insurances have a yearly cap to how much costs they will cover, whereas medical insurance works in a way that has a max of how much you will have to pay per year and the rest they cover. This difference can amount up to thousands in bills for dental treatments despite having insurance.

Here are a few reasons why you don’t need to be paying for dental insurance-

  1. Most dental insurance plans cap their coverage to $1,000 – most of which is typically spent on just routine cleanings. However, there are many cheap options out there for teeth cleaning that can equal out to how much you’re paying for insurance per year.
  2. Other than routine cleanings, your dental insurance won’t be of much use. Either you won’t be in need of dental treatments and only require routine cleanings in the year, or you’ll need dental treatments that your insurance cap won’t be enough to cover, leaving you with a heavy bill. It’s quite challenging to find a feasible balance with dental insurance and treatment costs.
  3. Using dental insurance for treatments means that dentists can easily overcharge you. Since insurance only covers a certain amount, dentists become tempted to overcharge to increase their cash profit from you. They know you’re relying on insurance for the treatment, and thus won’t be asking for discounts the way out-of-pocket patients do.
  4. Out-of-pocket discounts do exist! We mentioned above that there are cheaper options for dental cleaning, but for those in need of costly dental treatments, this discount extends to the deep end as well. For example, the dental implants cost typically runs around $1500 per tooth (that’s not including the crown and abutment), whereas out-of-pocket patients that look for dentists using Zentist’s platform can find clinics that provide heavy discounts.

Whether you’re in need of a simple teeth cleaning or a root canal, you can find options that work within you budget without needing to rely on dental insurance. It might be time to reevaluate your existing insurance plan or consider searching for pocket friendly “dental care near me”.

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