Dr. Sharda Arora
Dr. Sharda Arora Dentist Zental Dental Clinic India
Dr. Sharda Arora is a leading Cosmetic Dental Surgeon and Implantologist in Delhi. She has practiced in Gulmohar Park for the past 20 years. She has also worked with India’s most leading dentist, Dr. Col. S.S. Duggal, for 10 years at G.K-1. Dr. Col.S.S. Duggal was the founder of the New Delhi Armed forces Dental Center and was adorned the “Sword of Honor” by the then-King of Bhutan, and various Shields by rulers of many other Nations for being their personal dentist, commissioned by the Indian Army by recommendation of the Indian Government. Dr Sharda’s list of patients includes the are “who’s who” of Delhi, from top film stars, to Industrialists, to cricket stars. She is the winner of more than 20 gold medals in various areas of Dentistry. Her Clinic is adorned with space age machinery, and is touted as India’s technologically most advanced Dental Center- Zental Dental Center.

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