Dental Box Technique

A novel surgical procedure for full-arch vertical reconstruction of an extremely atrophic mandible.


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About the Box Technique (Osteobioregeneration)

In 2012 for the first time in Turkey, Osteobioregeneration (Box Technique) operation was applied. Tanfer Clinic is the unique performer of BOX TECHNIQUE in Turkey at this moment also. European Union CE Health Certified Vitzani Implants, which we use in our clinic for many years, are specially produced for us in Bologna-Italy. Produced from high quality pure titanium Vitzani implant has the ability to accelerate the healing process due to its perfectly designed surface with high strength. Thanks to the tissue-compatible biological properties it is easily used in all of the various indications, especially in the areas of low bone mass. Our implants, their sterilization were made by special ionizing gamma rays have different width and height options.

Our implants are designed by Dr.Nihat Tanfer to be used especially for Box Technique operations in case of low bone mass. As TANFER Clinic, having 35 years experiences,we are the first performer of Implant and Box Technique in Turkey, You can watch our patient’s videos via our web site so that you can understand better our pre and post treatment quality.

Why Box Technique? 6 reasons to choose box technique

  1. It is the first aesthetically guided technique.
  2. It allows to restore lost bone volume where aesthetic requires.
  3. It uses only absorb-able materials thermoplastic transparent, loads resistant.
  4. It does not require bone grafting to the patient.
  5. It allows a quick and easy transfer of implant placement.
  6. It offers a reduced surgical impact compared to other techniques.

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