The importance of maintaining good oral hygiene

Recent research suggests that your oral health mirrors the health of your entire body. For example, when you maintain your oral health, chances are that your overall health is pretty good as well. However, if you have poor oral health, it can lead you to develop non-oral health concerns.

As it relates to your mouth, good oral hygiene helps to prevent cavities, stained teeth, and bad breath which typically lead to more complicated oral health issues. When we don’t take the necessary steps to keep good oral hygiene, bacteria in the mouth builds up over time in conjunction with food particles and white blood cells, which end up forming plaque on our teeth. The acids in the plaque begin breaking down tooth enamel and weakening it, which then allow for cavities to begin forming. Without regular brushing and flossing, the plaque ends up turning into a hard, yellow substance (tartar) which becomes very difficult to get rid of without a visit to the dentist. Tartar is not only unappealing, but it can also lead you to developing periodontal disease. And periodontal disease may lead to diabetes, oral cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, and more.

So how to maintain good oral hygiene?

Ideally, brush more than just twice a day and floss after every meal! Additionally, use a mouthwash daily to kill off bacteria as well try oil pulling to extract out all the leftover toxins in your mouth. You also need to keep your teeth and bones healthy so we recommend taking a calcium supplement, and eating an apple a day (to keep the doctor away?). Lastly, we recommend ditching the chemicals in store bought toothpaste and mouthwash, and try making your own! It’s much easier than you would think, and provides the same – if not better – results without the chemicals.

We hope these tips work for you, but remember that even though these tips will help maintain your oral health, they don’t replace the deep cleaning your dentist provides. Dentists can also spot problem areas and treat minor issues before they turn into major issues. The ideal process is to google “dental care near me” to find a dentist to get your teeth checked out, then begin these tips to maintain to oral health. Then make sure to pay a visit to your dentist every six months to make sure everything is doing well in your mouth.

Here’s to healthy teeth, gums, and bones!

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