6 Ways To Treat Your Bad Breath

If you’ve ever approached someone who noticed a foul odor coming from your mouth, you may have brushed it off since it’s the first you’ve heard of it. However, if you are regularly getting shamed for your bad breath and you don’t think you’re living your best life with the odor, you may want to consider what could be causing it, how long it’s been this way, and how to treat it.

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Maybe you’ve tried brushing your tongue and flossing, but nothing seems to do the trick. If this is you, we want to put your mind at ease that this is a common problem that no one likes to talk about. Here’s what you could be doing in order to prevent from first date jitters and interview flops all because of the silent stink that lives in your mouth.

1. Brush and Floss

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We’ll start with the basics. It’s recommended that you brush and floss after every meal. Get caught in meetings regularly or simply don’t have the time? This happens! We’re all human and either never thought about bringing a toothbrush and/or floss to work or never thought it was necessary. You’ll be doing your mouth a great service by simply keeping it clean at least twice a day by way of a simple toothbrush and floss, long enough to wrap around your fingers.

2. Tobacco Doesn’t Want You To Have Good Breath

Not even Danny Zuko can escape smoker. No, but really tobacco is not good for you but hey, you’ve heard this before haven’t you? The tar and nicotine contained in cigarettes will linger in your mouth long after you’ve smoked a cigarette. If you’re a smoker, try brushing your teeth and scraping your tongue but as long as you smoke, it can lead to stained teeth and damaging your gums to make an effort to quit if you can.While you’re at it, pop in a stick of sugar-free gum for safe measure – everyone you come in contact with will thank you.

4. Avoid Onion and Garlic

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When you eat foods like onion or garlic, it gets into your bloodstream and into your lungs. Since you obviously can’t brush your lungs, you’ll be left wondering how to get rid of the smell after you’ve brushed your teeth and even had a little mouthwash. Eventually, it will wear off on its own but what you can do is just simply avoids these foods before going to see anyone.

5. Sugar-Free Gum

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It’s best to stay away from sugary products like mints – it may taste great but it’s leaving bad breath and it’s wearing down your teeth. Try to stick to sugar-free gum if you’re feeling mouthy.

6. Drink Water

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They say water nearly cures all but in this case, we can agree. Your mouth needs to be able to produce saliva and when you’re not staying hydrated with water, your mouth will get dry and well … stink. Do your part by simply having a bottle of water handy at all times. Water is not only great for your breath but it’s also the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue. As small as 2% less water than what you should be taking in can bring fuzzy or short-term memory loss on. Challenge yourself to drink more of it for a week and you can see the difference.

Still Singing The Bad Breath Blues?

You may need to pay your dentist a visit so they can figure out what’s going on. Go in for a cleaning or deep cleaning every now and then to find out more about what’s building up and if you’ve got some plaque to combat. Restore your confidence by finding an affordable dentist in your region that can help you with your journey to fresh breath and more confidence. Also, if you’re looking for what dental implants cost and are in the market, you can find these services at Zentist, too. Save the trouble it takes to look up: ‘the best dental care near me‘. Give Zentist a shot today!


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