Australian Woman Unknowingly Swallowed Her 10-Year-Old Braces Wire

We’ve heard the most absurd dental stories over the years but this one may take the cake. According to BMJ Case Reports, a 30-year-old woman based in Australia consulted a doctor after experiencing intense abdominal pains and a BPM heart rate of 105 as opposed to the normal resting heart rate of 60-100, the doctor treated the patient for cramps and abdominal pain where she was then released. She returned a couple of days later as the pain did not subside.

After proceeding with a medical CT Scan, a metallic wire-shaped foreign object was discovered in the mid-small bowel which had been penetrated by the object as a result. The wired object formed an axis where the volvulus developed. So how did the braces wire get there in the first place?

When the patient found out that the object was a 7cm wire fragment from braces, she shared with the doctor that she hasn’t worn braces for 10 years. She did not recall ever ingesting the wire so it’s possible that the wire was broken and went down the patient’s throat at the time of removal. Luckily, the patient was able to go back in to have the wire removed. This required surgery for adequate removal.

What happens if I’ve swallowed a foreign object?

In most cases, the digestive system will process the item naturally and the body will pass the item within seven days without causing damage but as you can see in the case above, this is not always the case, especially when it gets tangled or stuck. You could face an infection or damage to your organs if the object is left for too long.

The Importance of Having a Qualified Dental Professional

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