Scary Facts About Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most underutilized dental procedures, even though it has a huge patient market in the United States. There are some myths associated with dental implants that prevent general public from looking seriously into it as a viable alternative for their missing teeth. Below are some fun facts that you probably didn’t know about dental implants.

Many patients need them. Approximately 180 million adult patients in the United States have lost at least one tooth, and more than 40 million adults are completely lacking teeth. Missed tooth causes a gradual bone loss that can potentially lead to jaw fractures and unbearable pain.

Performing dental implant surgery involves placing a metal post inside the bone of the jaw, and ensuring that it fits so precisely and functions so well that you never notice the tooth replacement — and yet it can last for decades. In fact, the procedure has a success rate of 95-97%, the highest of any tooth replacement option. Americans who miss a tooth should seriously consider putting them.

According to Manny Kurbonali of Zentist, Hollywood’s best kept secret was the fact that getting a dental implant is a 10 minute painless process that changes your life forever boosting your confidence and advancing your inner Zen. And many of those who suffer toothlessness (aka edentulous) simply don’t know about it.

There are not enough dentists. This lack is another limitation to getting dental implants. Worldwide, 80% to 90% of general dentists place implants surgically, yet only 10% to 15% do them in North America. What is even more discouraging is that some general dentists believe that dental implants should be placed by only specialists. According to American Academy of Facial Esthetics, every general dentist has the skills and can learn how to place dental implants successfully. In most cases, removing a tooth creates more trauma than surgically placing a dental implant.

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