The benefits of oil pulling

Oil pulling is an old detoxification method that comes from Ayurvedic medicine, and has recently been introduced in the United States, and is now widely used. It is a method that traditionally requires a tablespoon or so of organic, cold pressed, extra virgin oil to be swished around in our mouths for anywhere from 5-20 minutes to extract our toxins and bacteria from our mouths, which also impact the rest of our overall health. Coconut oil is widely preferred in the the U.S., but you can also use sesame oil or olive oil. Oil pulling has many benefits, which is why it’s been so popular and even recommended by dentists. We’ve compiled a list of a few of the many benefits that are tried and true based on our experience as well as others.

p.s. before you begin the oil pulling method, make sure to get your oral health checked out by a dentist by searching “dental care near me” to ensure you don’t have any major concerns that need to be treated before you oil pull.

Promotes Good Oral Hygiene 

Oil pulling works really well to prevent or reduce cavities, eliminating bad breath, and getting rid of food particles. Removing bacteria that is known to cause tooth decay, this method is very effective for oral health all around.

Natural Teeth Whitening

Ditch the chemicals from store bought teeth whitening strips and try oil pulling for the same results. Coconut oil embodies natural antiviral and antibiotic qualities that work to brighten up your teeth. To see quick and effective results, make sure to religiously oil pull for at least two weeks.

Boosts Energy

Typically, our immune systems end up doing the hard work of clearing out all the toxins from our body, which is very draining for our energy levels. Letting the oil do the job helps our body retain that energy for longer periods throughout the day.


We have millions of germs in our body, which lead to inflammation, which then leads to various illnesses. These germs enter our body through our mouth, as it is the largest and constantly opened cavity that can take in germs. Removing the germs in our mouth with the oil pulling method prevents them from entering our body, therefore preventing potential illnesses.

Clears Up the Skin

Toxins in our bloodstream throw off our hormone levels which cause skin rashes and acne. Removing those toxins from the body would decrease our acne or rashes and potentially even clear it up completely.

Reduces Headaches

Excessive toxins in our bodies typically lead to headaches and migraines from time to time as a way of our body trying to escape the load and recover. For all you that suffer from frequent migraines and are not sure how to help it – try this method! Getting rid of the bacteria that causes these headaches will only prevent them.

Depending on your current oral health and hygiene when starting the oil pulling method, you may or may not see a significant impact right away. But don’t give up! It’s not that the method isn’t working, it may just be that there is a bit of extra cleaning and pulling of toxins for the oil to do before you can see significant results.

We really hope this is something you can commit to doing at least once a week, and even update us on how it’s working out for you! Comment below – 

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