What Can Coffee Do To Your Teeth? More Than You Think.

Take a look in the mirror and look at your teeth. Do they look like they’re getting a little less love than they used to before you made your daily coffee run? This tends to happen when you drink coffee in excess and although the physical appearance is seemingly slight at first, drinking coffee on a regular basis can really take a toll on your pearly whites. So what can coffee do to your teeth? The truth it, more than you think. So is your caffeine fix worth the damage? Read on to see just what your morning cup of joe is doing for your teeth.

Bye enamel.

Drinking too much coffee will deteriorate your enamel causing your teeth to be more sensitive to that ice cream you love more than ever before. Your roots are exposed due to no sealant.

Smelly Breath

Unfortunately, coffee is prone to stick to your tongue and no matter how you tried to get around it, you’ll experience an unsavory taste in your mouth that, more likely than not, will produce oral bacteria in your mouth that your peers will have to face.

Teeth Discoloration

Over time, you’ll notice that things like coffee, tea, and any dark beverages will affect the color of your teeth. Sure, it may not be significant at first, but as time progresses, discoloration begins and in turn, leave you feeling a bit bashful about your smile.

By no means should this deter you from drinking coffee, but better understand its effect on your oral health. In order to make sure you are maintaining properly, it’s important to lock down a dentist in your area that you can rely on to perform any necessary treatments. Need help figuring out where to start? Try finding an affordable dental treatment plan that works for you at Zentist.

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