What Is A Dental CT Scan?

You may be wondering why your dentist just requested x-rays of your mouth and where to seek guidance about the process and as a patient, it’s your right to know what will be happening prior to getting those dental implants. A CT (computed tomography) scan is a noninvasive medical device that takes multiple images of the inside of your body, and in this case, your mouth, allowing your dentist to make an accurate determination of the dental issues you face.

At one time we were only able to come up with a 2D view of your mouth but since technological advancements, dentists can now make a more acute distinction of the problem at hand. Thanks to CT Scans, we can now skip the guesswork associated with orthodontic work and implants with a safe 20-second procedure.

Why Are CT Scans Important?

Getting a CT Scan is a key element before proceeding with orthodontic or implant dental care. Before you even sit down to get dental implants, you’ll need this scan. This is to your benefit as the technology allows for a more accurate reading of your teeth’s condition. These measurements include measuring the density and width of your jawbone ridge and knowing where the dentist will place the alveolar nerve, hence preventing potential nerve damage. With CT Scans, dentists get the most accurate assessment.

Are CT Scans Safe?

Because the CT exam for your mouth is much lower in radiation than a conventional body CT scan, you can be sure that the process altogether is safe and seamless. The exam takes 15 minutes tops. You can go about your day once the scan is complete as this is a noninvasive procedure and is even safe for children. To make sure the scan goes through efficiently, the dental professional may ask for your to remove objects like glasses, jewelry, etc.

Where Can I Get A CT Scan?

Generally, you will get a CT Scan at your dental office but for a cost of about $700. To avoid paying this, it’s recommended that you explore your options. You can now get a CT scan when you schedule an appointment with one of Zentist’s accredited dental professionals for dental work, for free. All you have to do is take a short assessment and schedule a time to come in for your free dental CT scan. Worry less about your dental implants cost by comping your free scan. If you’re wondering about ‘dental care near me‘, visit our site for an exclusive look at the best dentists in the Bay Area who are ready to book your appointment.

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