Why Is Cosmetic Dentistry So Expensive?

Oh the woes of having a picturesque smile. It’s something most people desire but are they willing to pay top dollar for the procedure if their smile lacks a certain luster? Sure, cosmetic dentistry is a hefty expense and often times, a pie-in-the-sky investment that you may not be ready to shell out. Whether you’re ready to hit GO on your cosmetic dental procedure, it’s important to know what factors into the total cost of your cosmetic dental treatment and especially the intimidating reality of dental implant costs.

If you’re in the market for cosmetic dental work, you probably understand the high cost and how that may deter you from booking an appointment in the first place. So why is cosmetic dentistry so expensive? We spend a lot of time wondering if the procedure we want is even worth it. Veneers are known to cost anywhere from $900-$2k, some even more. In addition to the treatment itself, you’re paying for consultations and check-ups that are mandatory. When you’re looking to take the leap in purchasing cosmetic treatment, it’s important to know where your money is going and why it costs so much for even the most seemingly simple dental treatment.

The reality is a lot of dental insurance won’t cover cosmetic dental treatments even when going in for a structural repair issue like a crown, it will still fall under cosmetic. Feel your smile needs to be whitened a bit? You can usually forget about insurance covering this expense as it also falls under cosmetic treatment.

The Reason Cosmetic Dentistry Is So Expensive

The reason you may find your cosmetic dental treatment top dollar will likely depend on where you are geographically and the level of experience your doctor has. Dental implants happen to be one of the most expensive procedures costing a few thousand per tooth. This is because the procedure requires the dentist to perform a surgical replacement that will integrate into your jawbone.

On the other end of the cost-spectrum, there is a teeth bonding procedure that will cost only a few hundred dollars. The great thing about this procedure is that it only takes one visit, meaning less time for the dentist ultimately resulting in less money spent because unfortunately, time is money.

When looking at veneers, you’ll be paying per tooth and you can expect to pay a few thousand for this porcelain veneer procedure. Not only that, this procedure also requires multiple visits to the dentist. One task being shaving off part of your original tooth to make room for your veneer. This procedure is known as a quick fix for those looking to fix their teeth.

No matter how you look at it, cosmetic dentistry will be an expensive investment, but if you’re ready to see exactly how affordable treatment will be with a complimentary CT Scan, Zentist has your back – connecting you with only the most affordable, top-ranked dentists in the Bay Area.

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