Your Guide To The Best Dental Implants – Part 2

How Much Should You Pay For Your Dental Implants?

The cost of dental implants can vary widely by country based on the local cost of living and currency exchange rates. However, as a general rule, for an equivalent level of care, you are likely to save 75-90% off the cost of dental implants in the United States, where costs for an implant typically reach $5,000 and are rarely covered by insurance.

Zentist has partnerships with a number of top-quality clinics around that world with expertise in providing dental implants at affordable prices.



Colombia is perhaps Latin America’s most rapidly emerging hub for advanced dental care. After decades as an afterthought for international travelers, Colombia’s major cities, Bogota and Medellin, have been destination centers for world-class medical care and tourism.


India – from $1,039

India sends thousands of its citizens abroad each year to enroll in the world’s best medical and dental education programs. Many of them return home to use their knowledge and imported state-of-the-art equipment to start their own clinics, a secret long ago figured out by Indian nationals living elsewhere. With English widely spoken and a tradition of hospitality long established, India stands out as a top destination for dental implants.


Mexico – from $1,079

Mexico stands out as the most convenient option for those traveling from the US. Depending on where you live, great dental care in Mexico may be as easy as a short drive across the border. You may have friends who already have done just that. Accredited clinics and hospitals in Mexico rival the quality of their US counterparts, but with much lower prices. Flights to Mexico from the US are also short and relatively inexpensive.

Poland – from $747

Poland is home to some of the most advanced medical clinics in Europe, including state-of-the-art dental care at very affordable prices. Poland is also less expensive for accommodations than elsewhere in Western Europe. As a bonus of treatment in Poland, Americans are likely to be exceptionally welcome due to warm national relations.

Thailand – from $1,559

Bangkok, Thailand, is perhaps the world’s most popular destination for dentistry travelers, and particularly for dental implants. Thailand is well known for world-class dental care at prices much lower than most other parts of the world. It isn’t the best option for every patient, as it is a long haul from the US, and navigating Bangkok may feel overwhelming to some patients. However, others may find the exceptional care and incredible beaches well worth the trip.

Turkey – from $553

Turkey is a leading dental services hub for elites at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. A national policy of promoting western education and encouraging the growth of medical travel has helped produce many of the region’s finest dental clinics. You will find dental costs much lower than most options nearby in Europe, as well as a well-established infrastructure for international travelers.


The modern amenities of Lviv, Ukraine, feel worlds away from the post-Soviet feel of eastern Ukraine. Just over the border from Poland, Lviv hosts clinics with a similar level of care at an even more affordable price. Flights to Lviv from the US are more limited than other destinations, but adventurous travelers will find new dental implants and old-world charm well worth the trip.

Note: The prices above are for a single dental implant and the surgery to place it. Multiple implants will cost more, but discounts are generally offered on additional implants after the first one.


How can you save money on dental implants without sacrificing quality?

Dental implants are one of the most cost-effective options for dental restoration. Clinical studies have shown that implant-supported crowns last 20+ years in 95% of cases – more than twice the expected lifespan of bridges. Implants may be more expensive initially, but their superior value and lifespan usually lead to savings in the long run.

To save money on implants, you can reduce your travel costs by skipping the unnecessary luxuries. Some clinics overseas cater to wealthy international patients and offer many amenities, and you can save money by passing on five-star accommodations if you don’t consider them essential. The upside to choosing your dental services provider through Zentist is that you can choose only the services that are most important to you.

Don’t try to save money by going to a lower quality dental professional. If something goes wrong with the implant, your health may be put at risk and you may end up paying to start over at a better clinic. Read the patient reviews on and take your time in choosing your provider based on your comfort level with the staff and the treatment plan they offer.

Travel expenses are an easy way to save on medical tourism. Be strategic about booking your flights by using multiple fare-finder websites, booking during off-peak seasons, and considering a destination that is closer to home (e.g., Mexico instead of Turkey). You can also save on accommodations by using online services like for hotels.

Prices can vary widely based on the materials and brand names of the different parts of the implant, including the crown. Crowns made of resin are typically the most affordable, but don’t look nearly as natural or last as long as porcelain or ceramic materials.

Which teeth are being replaced also influences the cost of treatment. Visible teeth tend to be more expensive, and the cosmetic results are obviously more important for the patient. When having front teeth replaced, you may want to consider spending more for a clinic that specializes in aesthetics.

Your general health and how complicated your specific situation is will be key factors in the final cost of dental implants. Clinics may charge higher fees if you have other medical complications, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Ultimately, each patient’s situation and priorities for care are unique. Zentist has built a network of dozens of clinics around the world so that you can personalize your destination and care at an affordable price. We encourage you to thoroughly review all of the clinic offerings om our site and choose the right course of care for you.

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