SB 562 passes the first committee test

Just yesterday, on April 26th, SB 562 passed the first committee test. After a three hour hearing, the Senate Health Committee approved the bill with a 5-2 vote including both Democrats and Republicans. Though the bill passed the first test, the question regarding how it will be paid for still remains unclear. Are we closer to even more affordable dental implants cost?

SB 562 would be establishing a state provided healthcare plan that would cover all Californians, even those who don’t have a legal immigration status. The bill would significantly reduce the integration of medical, dental, and vision insurance companies due to medical coverage shifting into the hands of the state. The comprehensive medical coverage plan would include inpatient and outpatient services, all emergency, vision, mental health, and nursing home services. Even dental care will be covered, meaning it will reduce the worries individuals tend to have around the dental implants cost. The plan is inclusive of any type of healthcare one would possibly need, making it ideal for those that are being neglected healthcare and those who simply don’t have insurance.

Sure there would be a few drawbacks with this bill such as long wait times (similar to the healthcare system in Canada). This would especially occur in regions around California that have a shortage of medical professionals in relation to the individuals in need of healthcare. This may come off as problematic to those covered with insurance through their work; however, for those that simply don’t have insurance and/or the funds to obtain quality medical care, the value and benefit of being able to access quality medical care easily outweigh the long wait times associated with it. Additionally, the elderly struggling with quality medical care is a known concern, and this bill would significantly improve access to medical care for them. 

We’re one step closer to comprehensive medical coverage for all Californians, and hope to remain strong until we achieve it! 

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