6 Things You Never Knew About Your Teeth

You’ve had teeth since you were in the womb … literally. They may not have been visible when you were born, but they were certainly present beneath your gums, and now you have a full set of 32, and now, it’s time to pay homage to those hard working chompers of yours. All in all, you have about 8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 premolars, and 12 molars (including 4 wisdom teeth) to celebrate and also protect with all you’ve got!

1. Your enamel is the hardest substance in your body.

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Would you believe that your enamel is tough as nails? It’s the most mineralized substance in your body and rightfully so. Think about how many things you chomp on from day to day. Your teeth take quite a beating, but over time it can certainly break down from the acids you consume from your food. What’s more? Your teeth erode slowly from drinking red wine, and while that sounds bad, wine also stains your teeth. It’s a silent killer for your enamel, and it’s best to be mindful of how much of it that you consume.

2. You don’t have to rinse your toothpaste away.

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Toothpaste comes with fluoride, an active ingredient in your toothpaste, that should be left on your teeth longer than you probably expect. It’s sometimes a habit to spit out your toothpaste then give your mouth a rinse, but the longer the fluoride sits on your teeth, the better.

3. Smiling can improve your mood.

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Have you ever been having a bad day and faked a smile? Did it slightly make things better even if nothing changed at all? When you smile, your brain shoots off endorphins, or pleasure hormones, making for a natural anti-depressant. Smiling will reduce stress and will even boost your immune system. The next time you feel gloomy, try a big smile – the effects may surprise you.

4. Every set of teeth is unique.

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Your teeth are as unique as a fingerprint, and though you may think you have the same smile as your relatives, even identical twins don’t have the same teeth. Think about that before you think someone’s teeth are ‘perfect’.

5. You spend 38 days of your life brushing your teeth.

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Imagine brushing your teeth non-stop for 38 days. That’s quite a lot of brushing, but that’s about how much we brush our teeth in a lifetime, assuming you brush your teeth twice per day. Oh, the things we do for our pearly whites.

6. You can only see 2/3 of your teeth.

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You’ve got about 1/3 of your teeth beneath your gums which is why it’s important to floss to get those hard to reach areas of your teeth. Both plaque and bacteria will build up if not, and no one want’s that.

Now that you’ve discovered more about your teeth, you may be looking for someone in the Bay area to take care of some dental issues you’ve been holding onto for a while now. Remember you only get one set of teeth, and when you lose them, it might be time for implants. The best way to get started with this is to search ‘dental care near me‘ or if you’d like to know what dental implants cost, let us help you at Zentist.io.

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