Zentist Builds Their Own Brik Case Logo

Now you can turn your 9-5 into a nostalgic lego-loving dream. The best park about it is that it is easier to have than you think thanks to Brik Case, a company that’s created a pop-on plate for Macbooks that let you create patterns, objects and logos (in our case) all by way of a little imagination and our favorite childhood blocks.

The idea for lego laptop covers came from a Kickstarter with one quote in mind: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” According to the company website. Their goal was $30,000 but with the public’s support, they were able to triple their original goal.

The case company turned lego-accessory giant has been featured on Wired, Vanity Fair, and even Oprah. Now we can reap the benefits of their creation with not only legos but Tyco Super Blocks, K’nex and nearly every kiddy block you can imagine.

Our CTO Ilya has been an early adopter, backing Brik on Kickstarter when it originally came out and having one of the best to preorder and receive the updated version for the new 2017 MacBook Pro.

Here’s how we did:

Prototyping is very important when building new products, even if it’s a lego-logo.

Ilya’s friend Sergey, Chief Design Officer of Notion.so is helping him with Lego version of Zentist.io logo

Lego laptop cases are giving adults a chance to bring their creations with them as often as their laptops are present, while also giving a gentle nod to their inner kid.

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